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Work Platforms and Fixtures 
FCI has extensive experience in developing and building work platforms and fixtures for a variety of applications. We have produced simple "roll-up" stands for aircraft to moving assembly line work platforms that move with the product. In developing these work platforms, we have developed extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the following standard: OSHA 29 CFR 1910, Subpart O, Subpart S, and 1910.147; MIL-STD-1472 Human Engineering Design, and MIL-STD-882 System Safety; to name a few. Our design and engineering team have designed systems that have met the most demanding environments, including requirements of less than 0.001" of deflection. We have designed and produced these various work platforms and fixtures for a variety of commercial and government entities. 
Control Systems 
Our team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers are well versed in the systems engineering process. This has afforded us the capability to develop control systems for a variety of products. Our team of experts have developed control systems for various work platforms, fixtures, and suspension systems. This includes the selection and packaging of sensors, motors, actuators, and appropriate user interface controls. 
Precision Mounts 
Our team has extensive experience in the development of precision adjustable mounts. Many of these mounts have been used to locate optical devices for precision display of information and/or measuring. Some of these mounts have been designed to extremely demanding specifications. In particular, we have designed and produced mounts that are capable of adjustable to within .5 mRad while maintaining the adjustment through and extensive temperature and vibration range. These types of requirements and capabilities require an extensive understanding of materials, tolerances, and methods of accounting of the six-degrees of freedom. 
Aircraft Modifications  
Our team of dedicated professionals have an extensive background in aircraft modification programs. We have designed, manufactured, and installed numerous modification kits ranging from radio upgrades to complete flight deck upgrades. Our team can handle all facets of the process, including; airworthiness certification to MIL-STD-516, dynamic and stress verification, electrical systems loading verification, kit manufacturing, and kit installation. 

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