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Program Management 
FCI believes that effective program management is critical to the success of any program/project. That is why our program managers have extensive experience in team building, effective communication, resource management, and program tracking. To facilitate effective communications and tracking, FCI uses industry standard tools, such as; MS Project Server, MS SharePoint, etc. These tools allow easy program insight to all stakeholders. 
Our designers are a very talented and creative group of people. They have the unique ability to visualize solutions to our customers' problems. FCI arms our designers with heavy-weight design tools, such as; SolidWorks, Catia, AutoCAD, etc. Coupled with their creativity and the design tools, the FCI designers are able to effectively and efficiently develop the most cost-effective solutions to problems. 
Designs have to be validated, to ensure the appropriate standards, electrical loads, margins of safety, tolerances, etc. are met. Our multi-discipline engineers have a thorough understanding of industry standards, aerospace standards, and OSHA standards. Our engineers have extensive experience and are equipped with FEMAP with the NASTRAN solver, Mechanica Wildfire FEA, MathCAD, Matlab & Simulink, Visual Studios, and the complete suite of MS Office. The engineering and design staff work closely together to ensure designs are efficient and able to pass all applicable standards. After validating the designs, our engineers have extensive experience in documenting the results in various reports that meet the program specifications. 
Technical Manuals/Orders 
FCI has technical writers and illustrators that work collectively with the design/engineering team throughout the development stage. This concurrent design/writing minimizes time to obtain a fully fielded system. Our writers and illustrators have extensive experience and are equipped with Adobe Frame Maker, PageMaker, Adobe, Adobe Illustrator, and ISOdraw. As part of the changing times, our writers and illustrators are well versed in the process of digitizing manuals. 

Schedule Management
Integrated Master Schedule Management
Program Management
Program Manager and Team member working closely together
Sample Drawings
Finite Element Analysis
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